The Christmas Ride


All vets and start and finish is at Patricia’s farm. The show ground will be marked in separate sections for parking, vet, start/finish and rest – so please respect that! Especially in regards to the resting area where we need to house as much as 50 horses very closely – so please take care of each other!

There will be a person responsible for parking – please respect the instructions given!

It is NOT allowed to drive into the resting area to unload equipment, by doing so you risk disqualification!

It is not allow to connect your paddock to the existing fences or to let your horse say hello to the farms horses in their paddocks. One is a stallion and because of the competition there is no electricity in the fences that day – so please help us not to have a loose stallion!



The loops consists of one that divides into 3 loops in total: RED (approx. 31 km), Red with blue shortening (approx. 22 km) and red with yellow and blue shortening (approx. 18 km) – the will be very strict marking where the red loop is shortened – but just remember to keep in mind which length of loop you are riding!

The markings are big white signs (A4 format) with red (or blue or yellow) arrows.

Since the loops are arranged so, as to do as few as possible turns, there are long stretches without markings – here just remember to follow the road you are on, when you have to make a turn a marking will show you.

To and from the forrest you will have to pass by 3 houses. This is a strict WALK area – there will be signs telling you where to start/stop walking – please ride on the asphalt this short passage (approx. 200 m each way).

All the way back and to the showground (2 km) from this walk area it is not allowed to canter! Doing so may lead to disqualification!

The footing is nice and mostly gravel and a grass, for the horse you might want soles since there are places which are stoney. At places there can be wet grass or amounts of fallen leaves – so be cautious

Water will be posted 3 places at the loops. They are posted as to make it possible to ride without crewing.

The forest has 4 roads that are open for motorized traffic and these are crossed several times. There is some traffic but normally not much on these. Before each crossing the will be a sign indicating the road to come – but awareness is the RIDERS responsibility!

It is STRICTLY forbidden to drive on road other than those open for motorized traffic (marked green on the map!) – doing so may lead to disqualification!

All crewing is only allowed where the loops cross these green roads.