Showground and loops

IMPORTANT information regarding riding in the forest!

skov4All riders must ride in the grass in the middle of the road or to the right side over the road. Ride carefully and try to do as little damage to the road as possible else we risk being unable to get another allowance to arrange the ride in the forest.

Rides must behave and show respect to other visitors in the forest – all bike-riders and pedestrians most be walked by only – no passages in trot or canter.

The forest has 4 roads that are open for motorized traffic and these are crossed several times. There is some traffic but normally not much on these. Before each crossing the will be a sign indicating the road to come – but awareness is the RIDERS responsibility!

It is STRICTLY forbidden to drive on road other than those open for motorized traffic (marked green on the map!) – doing so may lead to disqualification!

All crewing is only allowed where the loops cross these green roads.

All crew-cars must have a crew car sign in the window!


The show ground is a big open grass field in the middle of the forest. Normally there is no water or electricity here – so everything is transported to the showground. All vetgates and start and finish are on the showground.

The show ground will upon arrival be marked in sections – cooling, rest, vetgate ect.

Cars and trailers must be parked in the parking area – on competition day a person will be there to assist you – their advice MUST be followed.

It is NOT allowed to drive your car on the area for cooling, resting, vetgate ect. – not even the day before or after the ride! Doing so will lead to disqualification!

It will be possible to set up paddock and equipment from Friday 12.00


skov2The loops are marked in big colored signs – following the coloration of the loop.

Since the loops are arranged so, as to do as few as possible turns, there are long stretches without markings – here just remember to follow the road you are on, when you have to make a turn a marking will show you.

The footing is nice and mostly gravel and a grass, for the horse you might want soles since there are places which are stoney. At places there can be wet grass or amounts of fallen leaves – so be cautious

Water will be posted several places at the loops.